Potential Investors

The NTIDF is an important economic initiative and is the first of its kind in Australia.

The participation of the Northern Territory Government as a cornerstone financial investor represents a major opportunity for the development and completion of successful and productive public-private partnerships.

The Board of the NTIDF and the Northern Territory Government extend an invitation to institutional investors to contact us to learn more about the NTIDF and how they may work together and share the infrastructure and investment knowledge and experience that is held by all parties.

Potential partnership and relationship benefits of an investment by an institutional investor in the NTIDF may include:

  • Holding an investment in a diversified professionally managed infrastructure fund which seeks to generate an appropriate risk adjusted commercial return;
  • Being part of the process to untap the considerable oil, gas and mineral resources and underdeveloped areas of the Northern Territory;
  • Being involved in the approval of various infrastructure investments which may be influential or operational in a highly strategic location at the “Gateway between Asia and Northern Australia”;
  • Being a part of the investment and economic community that is operating in an important strategic defence base with a high level of international defence expenditure and positioning;
  • Forming a close investment partnership with the Northern Territory Government and indirectly with the Australian Government;

To learn more about the NTIDF or to arrange a meeting to further discuss the potential partnership and relationship benefits of an investment in the NTIDF, please contact Les Fallick, Chairman NTIDF at les@ntidf.com.au